Nordic Walking Pole Length Guide

To find your perfect pole length, you can follow the chart below. Always try out the pole and find what fits you best.

Chart is reference only for Nordic walking and may not apply for your use case or fit for you even for Nordic Walking.

Short poles

User Height: 150-160 cm
Pole length: 105 cm

User Height: 160-165 cm
Pole length: 110 cm

Medium poles

User Height: 165-172 cm
Pole length: 115 cm

User Height: 173-178 cm
Pole length: 120 cm

User Height: 179-186 cm
Pole length: 125 cm

Long Poles

User Height: 187-193 cm
Pole length: 130 cm

User Height: 194-200 cm
Pole length: 135 cm